Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm not buying the Turquoise trend

I read in my local paper today that Turquoise is the new 'it' color for 2010. I don't agree...nope, not at all. I'm not sure who the fashion 'forecasters' are but I am willing to BET that this color does not pan out to be a hot trend for the new year. Do we go for bright new colors in the spring and summer, of course. Is this color going to dominate our wardrobes, I think not. I anticipate sale racks to be clogged with tanks and tops in this color because we really don't want it and it only looks good on a few of us. Lily Pulitzer designer Jane Scoenborn claims that, "Turquoise is universally appealing. It puts everyone in the same state of mind-on vacation." Thank you Jane, but I disagree. When I wear clothes I am not transported to another place. I aim wear clothes that look good on me and are appropriate for my lifestyle. Color trends are silly and I hope to not make the same mistakes as I did earlier this year with 'salmon'

Photo below from early 2009 when 'salmon' was the color being pushed on us.

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