Friday, December 18, 2009

Hair and How To's it is everyone. I've explained the process to many, but TODAY a co worker of mine came into the office with a new do and said that I had inspired her and she wanted to show me. I had explained to my curly haired co worker the process that I will explain here:
how to make curly hair, a little more styled and under control. I was 'blessed' with very thick, very curly hair and it is a challenge to manage. My personal style is not the crazy, enormous, untouchable, kinky curls that I was born with. PROBLEM! My style is more flexible, conservative and more versitile.

Over the years people have asked me how I transform my mass of dark curls into the soft waves and straight hair that I wear on mostly a daily basis. *Note: this process WILL damage your hair! Set temperature settings to low or medium if your hair is fine or thin! Get hair cut frequently and use hair-healthy products!

Wash your hair with a good shampoo that really cleans the hair of all the muck. I like the brands Goldwell and KMS. Then use a conditioner that does not weigh the hair down at all but that really does soften the hair. Nothing with shea butter, olive oil or anything heavy like that.

It's important to use a styling product BEFORE you style to prep and protect the hair from the heat. The heat will kill your hair. I use Moroccan Hair oil (just a teeny bit) and switch it up with Esuchen NPPE RD Protein Creme. Both are available online and at some salons. There are tons of great products on the market though...just pick one you're comfortable using that does what you need it to. I need frizz control and shine. When finished styling use a little more product or an additional product (NOT SILICONE BASED).

1. Round brush (I prefer boar bristle)
2. Hair Dryer
3. Flat Iron (ceramic or better, unfortunately with flat irons, you generally get what you pay for) Make sure the plates go either to edge of the iron or curve around the edges on both sides. carries some of the best.

1. Separate hair into small sections
2. Using round brush, blow dry hair straight. Make sure it's completely dry
3. When all the hair is dry, separate into sections again.
4. Watch this video to see how to use the flat iron to make curls and waves:

Naturally Curly
Styled with Waves

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